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At the heart of Activation Ministry Center is relational, prophetic intercession. The Lord has called us to be advocates in prayer and fasting for the hurting, wounded and downtrodden.

Senior Pastors David and Dee Dee Thompson, the leadership, along with the entire intercessory team, have a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ and spend many hours in HIS presence -- hearing HIS heartbeat for AMC, the community, state, country and the nations. The desire of this ministry is to preach the gospel to all the world, minister to the brokenhearted, reach the lost – by meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs, to be obedient in all that the Lord instructs. The foundation of all we do is prayer.

One of the mandates from Jesus for this ministry/family, is to come into a place of Holiness where the flesh is crucified daily, the "fleshly desires" of this world are cut off, and our passion and heart's cry is to truly live as servants of the Most High.

Jesus is calling us to minister, both individually and corporately, to the heart of our Heavenly Father, to honor the Lord of Glory Jesus Christ, and to embrace His Presence as HE walks among us. Our desire is to never grieve the Precious Holy Spirit, but allow HIM to have full reign in our midst. For the Heavens to open and to not just be a visiting place for the Glory of the Lord, but a place for God's Glory to inhabit and rest.

We desire to be a people, fierce in spiritual battle against the enemies of Christ so that all captives might be set free.

Matt 21:13 says: ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer...... and again in Mark 11:17 ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations’

This “house”, both individually (as, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit) and corporately is surely a “house of prayer”. AMC has over 80 areas where prayer is implemented. Some of these areas include:

Prayer Network - Activation Ministry Center is blessed to have an incredible network of prayer warriors and intercessors from all over the world. Every day, this network is activated into service as prayer requests come in by phone, mail and internet. Immediately upon receiving a request, our Pastor over prayer begins activating prayer on behalf of those in need. We experience amazing answers as the body of Christ battles together in agreement for one another.

Glory Encounter - Tuesday Evenings 6:30 pm The marriage of worship and prayer/intercession is a powerful combination which brings forth healing – spirit, soul and body. As we draw near to HIM, we encounter HIS Glory as HE draws near to us. Every second Tuesday of the month we lift up this great nation and our government.

Holy Habitation – 24/7 on site prayer – it is the desire of this ministry to have “on site” 24/7 prayer. This is a work in progress. We are working diligently to fill every hour of the day and night for the entire year. The bible says that, when we draw near to HIM, HE does draw near to us. As we minister to the heart of our Heavenly Father, HIS glorious presence is manifested in our midst. Like any parent, our Abba Father loves having a close relationship with HIS children. During this time we not only bless the heart of the Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the precious Holy Spirit, but also anyone else who comes in needing prayer, salvation, etc.

Every prayer host also prays daily for prayer requests that are sent in during the month from individuals who have a desire for us to come into agreement with them for specific needs they may have. These requests are prayed for everyday for the entire physical month.

Friday Evenings at 7 pm -- are awesome times of united corporate prayer. The Holy Spirit moves through those who come, to declare and proclaim His Presence to come to earth; to offer abandoned praise and worship to the King and to intercede as He leads. He always floods us with an amazing river of His Presence.

Pre-Service Prayer Each Sunday from 9 AM - 10 AM, Pastor David facilitates a time of prayer. Everyone is welcome to join during this time. Invariably, that which is prayed during this time, manifests during the service.

Grace Teams - Teams of men versed in spiritual warfare take to the streets taking their cities for Christ. Strategies which are received through prophetic intercession are implemented and each man activates their individual giftings to achieve a common purpose. Research and spiritual mapping are just a few of the tools that this team uses to take ground for God.

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