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Welcome to Activation Ministries Online!

If you are new to the area or you are looking for a church home, we warmly invite you to visit us any Sunday morning on Lookout Mountain in beautiful Golden, Colorado. Although downtown Denver is only 20 minutes away, it seems a million miles away when you worship Jesus overlooking the beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. AMC is located right on the Lariat Loop which was just named a national scenic byway.

People from all over the front range come to soak in His glorious presence and drink in the spectacular view.

Each Sunday, the Lord surprises us. We never know what to expect because we believe in giving the Holy Spirit total freedom to move and have His way in the services. Activation Ministry Center believes in and embraces the full demonstration of all the gifts of the Spirit moving in and through the members of His body.

It is our conviction that ?The Sunday Service? is not the ?The Sunday Show? focusing on any one person, but the focus is placed on the worship and adoration of Jesus Christ. AMC is a church of interaction, participation and exhilaration ?in other words it is just plain ole? family fun!

Our desire is for all who visit AMC to feel at home surrounded by family who love and care for them, united together as one in Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that each person would feel the tangible touch of Jesus upon their lives in such a way they leave changed, transformed and activated to make a positive difference in the world.

AMC desires to provide:

  • A safe place where believers gather to express their worship to the Lord Jesus without fear of being judged.
  • A place where believers are built up and equipped to hear the voice of God; thereby, enabling them to be led by His Spirit in everyday life.
  • A place where believers are challenged to walk in the fear of the Lord pursuing a life of purity and holiness.
  • A place where the gifts of the Spirit are stirred up and released in and through each believer, not only in the congregational setting, but most importantly, out in the marketplace and on the streets to bring in the harvest.
  • A place where the Book of Acts comes alive and is activated in everyday life.

What You Can Expect

  • Expect a loving family mountain church!
  • Believers, touching the heart of the Father God through prophetic, Spirit-led worship.
  • Believers exalting the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • Believers embracing all the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.
  • A gathering of people who allow the Holy Spirit to move through them and actively participate in services.
  • A place where revelation is preached, taught, and delivered with signs, wonders, and miracles following.
  • A place where believers are equipped and activated to take their world for Christ!

Come and experience HIM in a brand new way

... a fresh breath of the Holy Spirit

... the Book of Acts Revisited Calendar